Contact an Activist

As a community, we want to facilitate communication and friendship among Brandeis activists. If you're looking for someone to help you with a campaign, someone to bounce ideas off of, or someone to have coffee and a cool conversation with, this is the place to be. Feel free to contact anyone on this page anytime about anything. If you feel comfortable, add your name and contact information here.


Jourdan Cohen -
I'm a member of DFA, ARC, and SHOC, and I helped to found Join The Impact MA. I'm a junior, and I have no idea what I'll be doing in a year and a half, although my life's ambition is to be CJ on "The West Wing". In the meantime, I thrive off of being busy, so if you have an event that you need help with, let me know!

Guy Rossman -
SDS, ARC, Veg*ns. Your local anarchist, anti-authoritarian, communitarian, etc. Let's do cool shit.

Annie Hodges-
I'm involved here and there. Going to Uganda in the Spring! Email to talk about collaboration or how internet social networking will change the activist world. Cheers!

Sahar Massachi - contact info
I founded, the Brandeis Activist blog. Ask me anything.


Phil LaCombe -
I was a member of Democracy for America and a former campus coordinator, and was also co-founder of Brandeis Students for Barack Obama. I don't want to say I've seen it all, but I've seen a lot and learned a few things along the way. Email me or call me at 413-648-PHIL.

ARC Coordinators

Additionally, each semester there are a few ARC Coordinators who are primarily responsible for making sure ARC runs as it should. If you have any questions, ideas, etc about ARC specifically, feel free to contact Leah Hartman at or Matt Gabreyna at .