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The Leadership Campaign (previously Mass Power Shift)

Nothing less than 100% Nothing more than 350.


Scientists say that we must keep carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere below 350 Parts Per Million if we are to continue to live on a planet "similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted."
Since congress has proven unwilling to act, we have decided to promote the goal of 100% Clean Electricity in 10 years at the state level, and have Massachusetts lead the clean energy revolution.


The Leadership Campaign is an offshoot of SEA and an alliance between SEA members, independent environmentalists, faith-based groups, and members of other left-leaning activist groups on campus.


We're participating in the International Climate Day of Action on October 24th by sleeping out in front of the State House on Boston Common with students from the Boston area, sacrificing our comfortable dorms and beds to demonstrate our commitment to getting a bill passed before the Climate Conference in Copenhagen this December. It's going to an amazing, fun, meaningful shared experience that will build our movement.

How do I get involved?

Contact Galen Pardee ( for more details, and visit the statewide campaign's website at

Real Food

Hey! Are you interested in having more local, fair, ecologically sound, humane food in our campus, dining halls, and bellies? Do you want to push Aramark/Brandeis Dining Services to have more sustainable policies? Do you want to help grow and eat delicious veggies from the new Brandeis Patchwork Garden? Any awesome food-related ideas brewing in your mind? Contact Amy Englesberg -

Brandeis Alumni Speaker Series

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SHOC (the Student Health Organizing Coalition) is a Massachusetts based organization working to fight for health care reform amongst the student health insurance plans in MA. The Brandeis SHOC group is the second largest SHOC chapter, next to the Tufts group. SHOC is focused on pushing through legislation that will create a new student health insurance plan that will provide the student's of MA with comprehensive benefits and better cost effective premiums.
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